Dr. Julie Chamberlin


I am a Lecturer in English with a specialization in medieval and early modern literature at Loyola University Chicago. My research focuses on the ways in which postmodern theory can sharpen readings of premodern texts. In my current book project, Fables, Foxes, and Felons: The Fiction of Legal Personhood in Medieval England, I investigate the history of legal personhood refracted through the lens of the medieval beast literature tradition. I read works like the fables of Marie de France and the Roman de Renart against the grain their professed social commentary to consider what they tell us about what it meant to be a body vulnerable before the law at a time when “person” was not synonymous with “human.” 

I regularly teach courses on composition, literary analysis, and business writing. This semester, I am instructing a fully-online core humanities course, Exploring Shakespeare, in which students will examine the ways in which Shakespeare's most enduring works have been remediated for a 21st century audience. In the past, I have taught an Interpreting Literature course themed “Becoming (In)Human,” in which students will explore concepts of Form and Transformation in literature, as well as the ways in which race, gender, animality, and disability complicate our understandings of what it means to be human. 


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