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What can I do for you?

Need an award-winning teacher?


I can teach any class with a focus on critical thinking, reading, and writing—and I have been recognized for it with multiple teaching awards. I have taught many different courses, from business and professional writing for advanced upperclassmen to a hit-the-ground-running summer writing course themed around “fitness culture” for students from disadvantaged backgrounds entering the university. In my classes, students explore diverse cultural media from classic literary works, like Beowulf and Paradise Lost, to modern dystopian video games. 

Need an experienced researcher?


I have conducted funded research at several rare books and special collections libraries—including the British Library in London and the Rossell Hope Robbins Library at the University of Rochester. I have presented my research at more than ten academic conferences and had my work published in a peer-reviewed journal. When I’m looking for a new project, I take the initiative. I found this penny-pamphlet at the Newberry Library in Chicago on a day trip to the city: read more about it here


Need a community leader?


I actively engage with the surrounding community, from volunteering as a mentor for incoming PhD students and taking an active role in outreach within and outside of my academic department. In my second year of graduate school, I organized a department service project at the Bloomington Community Orchard. Following this, I was nominated for and elected to the Graduate Student Advisory Council, where I served for two years, organizing our annual interdisciplinary conference and liaising between the interests of graduate students, the English department, and the administration. 


Need a professional with a media and design background?


I lent my creative intuition and expertise to a position with the Medieval Studies Institute of Indiana University, designing PR materials for the organization and curating their web and social media presence. See examples of my work here. Prior to attending graduate school, I applied my resourceful approach to critical thinking and problem solving to several IT and marketing internships. I created pamphlets on sustainable building for an engineering firm, and designed PR material and web content for a marketing start-up that specializes in private medical and dental practices. 


Need an instructor with language and grammar expertise?


My PhD minor is in History of the English language, and my dissertation works with primary texts in three different languages and several dialects. In my first year of graduate school, I presented a paper at the Midwest Writing Center Association conference on my one-on-one tutoring work with English Language Learners at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana’s writing center. 


Want to see more? 




Foxes, Fables, and Felons:

Animals Before the Law in the Middle Ages

PhD, English Literature (English Language Minor)

Indiana University, Bloomington

2015 - 2019 (Dissertation Defended May 1)


Patricia Ingham (Chair) 

Karma Lochrie 

Shannon Gayk

Robert D. Fulk

Karl Steel (outside reader, CUNY)

Fox Logo White 1_edited.png

My dissertation reads late medieval legal documents from England and northern France alongside fabular representations of animals as subjects of the law to argue that medieval writers used developing concepts of the legal person to reconsider the boundary between humans and nonhuman animals.

MA, English Literature

Indiana University, Bloomington

2013 - 2015

BA, English Literature (Spanish Minor)

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

2009 - 2013

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